Thanks Air Freshener

My father is not feeling well.  After several days of going outside with bad weather he got sick.  This is the one thing that I do not want to happen because he is like a drama king when he is sick.  I know he is my father but that thing makes me sick.arghs!  Not much to say, because of him being sick and very slow, he throw up on the floor.  It makes my day worsen.  I can clean all kinds of dirt but not puke.  I am very sensitive when it comes to that.  I felt or might throw up also because of the gross smell.  It brings a not so nice smell in the dining area.  Our house is not that big so the smell will easily spread out.  I am I still has air freshener in the drawer.  I sprayed it around the dining room and on the floor.  Thanks to air freshener the house smells good now.

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