A Birthday Gift

My nephew will turn two next month.  I am thinking of buying him a nice gift.  He doesn’t have many toys to play with so he keeps on playing his sisters toys.  I am afraid he will be hooked into girly toys and so I am thinking of buying him a toy car.  There are several kinds of a toy car to choose from and I am thinking of a nice one that will give him a big smile on his face.

Shopping is fun but I do not have much time to do it because our house is far from the city.  Instead of spending my time at the mall that makes me tired, I thought of doing the shopping online.  All I have to do is just sit down and searching online.  While browsing I saw this remote controlled RC cars that would be a perfect gift for my nephew.  By less than an hour clicking, I have now the nice present that I could give to my nephew on his very special day.  I am pretty sure he will love this because it is like a real car that he is driving.  I am excited to give it to him.  This is my surprise gift to him so do not tell him.

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One Response to “A Birthday Gift”

  1. unikorna says:

    Happy Birthday in advance for your little nephew, I have one myself but he is older :). Kisses.