School Project

Excited to do her first school project, my niece is bugging me to help her do her project.  I intended not to listen to her because I want her parents to help her.  Doing her project would be a good bonding between her parents and her since they are busy at work.  But she did not want them to do it.  Spoiled I must say. argh!  I do not have any choice but to help her do her project.  I guess she is used to do it with me that is why when she have project at school she go directly to me.  I cannot say no now and so I am now doing her school project.

I wonder why there are teachers who gave projects those kids cannot do it on their own.  Makes me think that grade was not for my niece but for  I just wish that teachers will noticed that and will give projects that can be done by a nine year old kid.  It would be a better way to develop their creativity and artistic talent.

My niece’s school project is done now and will be submitted tomorrow.  I hope she get high grade on her first school project because she did her part as well.


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