Shocking News

I was watching a documentary show earlier when I saw a mother who lost her daughter because of the balloon she bought.  Her daughter loves to play balloon that made her decide to buy her one.  While her daughter is sleeping the balloon accidentally came closer to the lamp.  The balloon was bursting because of the heat that comes from the light.  And that bursting caused the fire.  She was surprised and hurriedly gets out of the house.  She was watching her house eaten by fire when she noticed that she left her other daughter inside the house.  The neighbor helped her and successfully gets her daughter out of their house.  Unfortunately, her daughter passed away because of the third degree burn.

Very shocking news I have heard today.  A good warning to all parents who buys balloons for their children.  This is what I like about documentary shows because of the information they have given to make the people aware of simple things but worse when it happens to us.  Because of this, I am aware now of what would be the outcome when the balloon bursting because of heat.  We should be careful since my nieces and nephews loves to play balloons a lot.

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4 Responses to “Shocking News”

  1. anne says:

    hala ka girl mahilig gud si Faith ug dulog sa iyang baloon hala ka oi kahadlok ani

  2. yes very shocking indeed.. kasi ang gamit ehh hydrogen daw. now hellium naman so safe na sya.. pero ok lang sayo anne.. wala may lampara sa inyoha.. hahaha

  3. Xenia says:

    Shocking and scary. Buti na lang bihira ko bilihan ng balloon anak ko.