Pink Friday #15: Pink Bags


These are the pink bags of my two niece.  All set and ready for school.   They both like pink color that is why their parents bought bags with same color.  Saw this two bags on the corner last Sunday night.  They are preparing it for the first day of school in the morning.  I took a picture of these two bags because it is so perfect for this meme.

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9 Responses to “Pink Friday #15: Pink Bags”

  1. tejan says:

    i like the first, the smaller one:)

    mine also is up gen:) see yah!

  2. Yannie says:

    In fact parang bumabaha ng pink sa school during the first day of class. especially sa elementary. Girls love pink!!

    My PF Entry

  3. Keanna says:

    I also have a big backpack like that in the picture but it’s red and the one I am using is Purple. I wish Mommy will buy me a new one. =)
    Here is my PF post.And, hope you could join us this Saturday at the meme I’m hosting, Messy Go Round. Thanks and see you around!

  4. vernz says:

    bakit maliit bag nila sis.. yung aming parang travelling bag na .. hahaha.. lovely! was here for PF… 🙂 see me back.

  5. anne says:

    Si mj unta pink iyang gusto pero ingon ko dapat blue na siya kay hapit na siya mag teen hehehe

  6. Mona says:

    ready for school na .. Kyla rin eh ready for school na sana lang hindi mag tantrum sa first day of school. First time mawawalay sa akin 🙂 My Pink Fridays is up!

  7. Rcel says:

    I would surely love to use those bags when I am a student! 🙂

    Anyway, I have my pink entries waiting for your visit as well:
    House on the Rock
    Pink Hyacinth
    Thanks and see you! 🙂

  8. chubskulit says:

    Lovely bags!

    Late bloghopping for PF. would you mind peeking at my Pink Pixie? Thanks!

  9. Gene says:

    I still cannot believe that students these days carry bags that big. I cannot imagine the future of my poor baby.

    Visiting via Pink Fridays. Hope you can do the same.

    Hello Patrick Star!