Teary Eyes

Gosh. I do not know what to update because my eyes are teary.  My family is not in good terms as of the moment.  Pride and anger takes place that leads us to misunderstanding.  I do not want to butt in because it will create another trouble.  I just listened to them with teary eyes.  How these things happen to us?  Yes, I am questioning God, and I am so sorry God for this.  I just can’t find someone to talk to and ask why.  I pray that we will get over this soon just like before.  This is the worse I must say but I keep the faith and pray to God that this will be over.  It really breaks my heart to see my love ones arguing.  Digging old issues will worsen the situation.  God touch our hearts to listen to you love and make us realize that we are family and supposed to be helping each other instead of fighting.  May God bless my family always.:-)

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