Back off!

You are the reason of this pain I felt inside.  I do not know what is your intentions are, and I do not care.  You make me so angry of sending me message asking for my friendship.  I do not want to be mean to you, but I guess there is no use for us to be friends because we do not have something in common and I do not feel to make friends with you.  As much as possible I want to put the word RELAX for me to stay focus in my life, do not bother to make friends with me because its useless.

I am doing my hardest to move on and get a life.  I am not blaming you because I know you are just a victim but please spare me and be happy with your life.  I do not need your sympathy so please BACK OFF and GET LOST!

4 Responses to “Back off!”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Whew! Mukhang heavy ito sis ah, chillax ka lang diyan ang heart mo, sometimes it is really annoying to meet those kind of person 🙂

  2. that is just light.. @hyanne

  3. they really need to back off.. or else..