Move Forward

The past week is not so good week to me.  It’s like some tornado hit me that I do not know what to do because of the feeling that is being trapped.  I can’t believe that those things are happening to me.  I do not think I did wrong to deserve it but I am still thankful that God has given me the courage and strength to look at the bright side of it.   It is so difficult to sink it in my mind but I am trying my hardest for me to concentrate on my priorities.

By looking at the bright side of everything, I have accepted that things are not for me.  No matter how much I wanted it, it is not for me to have.  Acceptance is the best thing for me to do to move forward.  I take those bad experiences as a challenge for me to make my life better to proved to them that they made me stronger.  Even they are bad to me, still I am thankful for them because they have given me the courage to do my best.  I will let go of those things and move forward for a better tomorrow

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