Gecko on our ceiling

It has been rumored that there are some people who are buying geckos for big amount.  They said geckos could heal illness like AIDS and cancer.  I do not know if it is really true but there are people here in our place who are hunting geckos and my brothers are one of Some are leaving their job just to focus on hunting for geckos.  My brother reached very far just to look for gecko because they have buyers.

Last two days, we have heard the voice of gecko every night.  We do not know yet where is the exact location of that gecko until tonight.  My brother was doing his laundry when we heard the voice of gecko.  He immediately took the flashlight to see if the gecko is on the ceiling.  We are surprised to see that the gecko is on the ceiling.  I am scared of gecko and told my brother to get the gecko and throw it away from our house.  He doesn’t want to, instead he is happy and said he will wait till the gecko will grow bigger.argh!  I just pray that this gecko will not enter the house.nyay!


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