Her 63rd Birthday

Yesterday, May 9 was my mother’s 63rd birthday.  It’s been 23 years of celebrating her birthday at the cemetery.   We visited her at the cemetery yesterday to greet my mother on her day.  My nieces were very excited because according to them they are going to see their grandmother to greet her happy birthday.  When we arrived they sing happy birthday to my mother and greeted her.  I was so touched of their gesture.  Even if they haven’t seen my mother yet they felt her in their hearts.  The one gesture that touches me match is my one-year-old nephew.  Keep one singing and saying happy birthday “Lola’ in his own words.  It is so funny and so cute to hear.  If only my mother is still alive, she will for sure enjoys each day she spends with these lovely and sweet kids.  So sad she passed away early.  Nevertheless, at least these little angels in the family knows that their grandmother is there and will always be there to guide and love them.  Physically absent but emotionally present in our hearts.  Happy birthday mother, wherever you are you will always be in our hearts.:-)

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2 Responses to “Her 63rd Birthday”

  1. anne says:

    girl i greet sad ko ayaw lang patubaga ug salamat whahh

  2. chiewilks says:

    belated happy birthday to your mama sis..although wala siya physically, i am sure she’s happy knowing you remembered her on her birthday