On and Off Connection

Yesterday is not a good day for me because my internet connection was terminated.  I settled it right away so that my connection will be connected on that same day.  Early last night, my connection is on again and I am doing my online stuff.  The whole day of no connection is like missing one half of my life.  I am glad I was able to update my blog last night and done my blog hopping and dropping.

After that termination, I am now facing another internet connection issues.  I do not know what happened but my connection is going on and off.arghs!  It is too hard for me to finish early tonight because my connection is not cooperating.  I have been experiencing on and off connection but it won’t take me 5 minutes to reconnect again.  During weekends, internet connection is very slow, but the good thing is it is still loading.  Tonight, it is not.  It always says connection timed out.  I think I will go back again tomorrow to my internet provider to inquire and have them check my connection.

I am glad I am able to post my update tonight.  Have a blessed weekend every one and Happy mother’s day to all the mothers in the world.

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One Response to “On and Off Connection”

  1. chiewilks says:

    smartbro imong provider sis Gen? kay if smartbro, i had the same dilemma also yesterday..smartbro really is a headache sometimes,..lami na kaau i-swtich to a new provider