Advantage of having a phone

Today, my sister and me went to mall with the kids.  We go separate ways because she needed to go to the ATM machine to withdraw some money.  I bring with me my two nieces and her baby and she bring with her our nephew.  After we are agreed that she will be going to the ATM machine and I will find a place for us to eat, we said to each other see you there.  While I am walking to find a place we could it, I realized we did not talk about where we could meet. arghs! We are really old and forgetful.

She is in the ground floor and I am in the third floor.  Having two kids and a baby is too difficult to go back and look for my sister.  Then I realized it is an advantage to have a phone.   I don’t bring my phone with me because it is not working anymore.  If I have phone, I could easily call or send her message to her phone.  I thought I will no longer need a phone with me, but today is a good lesson for me.  What I did is to wait for my sister beside the escalator so that we will see her right away.  I will for sure bring my phone to the technician to have them fix it.

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