Hunger for Increase

With all the price increase of basic commodities and all things that make the human survive, workers are longing for a salary increase.  Their request of salary increase will be the answer to cope up with the high prices of commodities.  Due to these increases, their budgets are ruined for their expenses will increases also.  It is so hard to survive when our pocket is empty due to high prices of all commodities.  People find hard to save with the small salary and prices are goes up.  Many are affected and it is so hard to see people are suffering especially the young ones.  The young innocent mind who doesn’t understand what is really happening in the world today.

Many workers are hunger for salary increase.  They have been protesting hoping that people in the position will heard and considered their grievances.  Their life and their job are at stake upon joining rallies.  If they have a choice, they wont do it but they believed in their right that’s why they keep on fighting.   A very small request by workers but it took them how many rallies to be heard.  Sad to say their rallies feels like falls into deaf ears.  I just hope that with their current demand for salary increase this time they will be heard and that this request will be granted for this is really a big help with all the prices increase.


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