Tuition Fee Increase

My nieces were previously enrolled in the private school.  It is an advantage compared to public school because of the school facilities, books and classrooms are not so crowded.  The environment in the private school is very conducive to students.  I can see the development of my nieces being enrolled in a private school because teachers giving focus to each student’s weaknesses and strength.  The only disadvantage that the private schools have is that they increase their tuition fee every school year.  And that is not so helpful to some parents whose earning is not that big.  One of the affected parents on this tuition fee increase are my brother and my sister-in-law.

Due to this tuition fee increase, my brother cannot afford to still enroll his daughters in the same school.  They have lots of things to consider that is why they have decided to enroll the kids in the public school.  So sad to know but this is the trials they have to face.  At least the kids have experienced to be in a private school and they have advance learning.  I just wish that my nieces would be able to adjust easily of the new school, new environment, new set of classmates and soon to be friends.

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One Response to “Tuition Fee Increase”

  1. anne says:

    sige lang gud oi, kita gani public graduate man di ba? Hehehe