Absorbed by the Company

The manager of the company where my brother is having his on the job training (OJT) asked him if he is willing to work for them after the OJT is done, he did not make a second choice but to say yes.  Opportunity knocks only once and so my brother is grabbing it.  He will have a job waiting for him after the schooling.  I am so happy for him because he will no longer find a job after graduation.  Finding a job nowadays because there are lots of applicants on a single position.  I have been there and it needs much patience for me to go on and continue praying and hoping to get the job I am applying for.

Being absorbed by the company is good news to the family.  We are happy for him and praying that he will help the family financially.  He has been applying for a job many times and did not able to get one that is why my brother decided to take his second course.  Luckily, he will have the job he is dreaming of.  I hope he will take good care of his job and love it.  I am pretty sure he will stay there for long because this is the job he is dreaming to have.  Good luck brother and I hope you will find a direction of your life.  Your dreams are slowly coming on your way, think wisely and set your priorities.  Good Luck!

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