Developing Self-Confidence

Parents do love to see their kids develop whatever talent and skills they have.  It is the parents pride to see their kids excel in a certain special skills.  Lots of kids are lacking of self-confidence and they find it difficult overcome it.  They tend to stay in the corner and not talk that much.  Their social awareness is not that open that is why they don’t believed in their ability and capacity.  A kid needs a way to show off what they got and what is their hidden ability.

It is in this reason that my brother is enrolling his kids to a summer class for them to develop self-confidence.  Even though my nieces did well in academic aspects, they are lack in activity involvement at school.  They don’t talk that much because they are too shy.  I want them to show what they got and proved to themselves that they have that talent and skills because I have been in that situation and it is my regret that I am too shy.  Until now I am lacking in self-confidence.  I tried to fight it and develop it but still there are something in me that tells me doesn’t.  I do not want that to happen to my two nieces that is why I want them to take summer class in preparation for another school year.  They will be transferring to another school and it would be new people, new friends and new environment for them to face.  And they will be ready by then.


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