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Facing the computer and surfing has become a part of my life for a year now. There are lots of opportunities to be fruitful even just by sitting in front of the computer. I am grabbing those opportunity online to earn for me to be able to help my family in financial aspects in life. It is very hard to find a job nowadays due to economic crisis. So sad but that is part of life.

Doing my stuffs online is fun, enjoyable and excites me. I am hooked into blogging for a year and a half now. I have learned many things like how to beautify my page to make it more attractive. I have seen website that is so appealing and their logo is so nice. Having a beautiful and attractive logo invites visitors and it adds more traffic to my website. In this reason I would like to try this web logo design to make my site more appealing to others. To put it on top of my page would be a perfect idea to tease visitors and readers to come and visit. This logo of my choice would be a perfect to use for my page advertisement.

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