Alternative Medicines

My father is taking these alternative medicines for four days now.  He tried it due to his girlfriend’s suggestion.  Yesterday his arm is aching that he cannot move it.  The alternative doctors say it is the effect of the medicine he is taking.  Early this morning, I woke up by my father’s text message saying that he cannot walk.  I was shocked to see that both of his knees are swelling as well as his ankles.  How can he walk with those swelling knees and ankles?   Makes me wonder if this medicine really works and that is this still the effect of those alternative medicines.

My father is just lying down; I bring foods to him, water, his medicines and the calling of nature part.  So tiring because my father is a bit demanding and keeps on complaining about the pain he felt.  I am his instant nurse and o girlfriend is showing to help and attend him.   Looking at him makes me sad because of those swelling.  I am thinking that those alternative medicines maybe trigger his arthritis that is why attacking him now.  Seeing him in pain is so pitiful that is why I pray that this will be over soon and this alternative medicines will give a good and positive results.

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One Response to “Alternative Medicines”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Just so you are aware, swelling like that can be a sign of protein deficiency, which I almost died from. Very important to have a bloodtest and check albumin levels, they can administer it in an IV if he is very low to get the level up before any damage is done.
    take care