Connection has timed out

This is the problem I am going through with my Internet connection for a month now.  I do not know what is wrong my net provider.  I can chat but I cannot open more then one window to browse.argh!  Giving me headache because I cannot finish my stuff fast and that is very frustrating in my part.  I have lots of things to do online but it will take me hours to finish a single task.  I cannot take it anymore so I contacted their customer service care.  They said my Internet is fine.  I am wondering what is really the problem why I am experiencing this problem loading.  I paid on time but the service is not that satisfying.  I will keep on bugging them and I hope they will settle this soon.

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One Response to “Connection has timed out”

  1. Mona says:

    bulagin m ang globe, lol .. hope it will fix asap sorry gen for the late visit see my post why .. hehe