Am I too Ambtious?

If there is one thing that I would like to happen is to help my family financially.  Times are really hard for us that sometimes I want to give up.  I know God is there and will never leave us; just that sometimes I lost some patience.  Difficulties and trials in life makes me weak but thinking that the family is fighting to overcome those things, makes me realized that I have to continue moving and believe that we can do it.  We have been in the same situation before and we are able to overcome it.  This is not new to us, and I am pretty sure we will able to surpass this soon.

I am doing online stuffs for a year now.  I am earning but not enough to help my family.  Though I give sometimes if I have extra.  But most of the time, my earning is enough just to pay my bills.  Makes me so sad because I really wanted to help but I cannot for now.  In this reason, I tried some way to earn online and invest a little.  I am taking the risk because I wanted to earn extra.  Much to my dismay I did not able to get what I really wanted.  It is sad but that is part of the risk I am taking.  I grabbed those offers because I wanted to go to the site that will give me a big opportunity to earn to be able to help my family.  As of the moment, I am still fixing my site and I do not know where to start.  I won’t give up and will continue doing my best to get there.  It is difficult but I will do my very best for my family.  They are my life and my inspiration why I am doing this.

Getting in the site is difficult and I will strive my very best to get there.  Am I too ambitious?  Call me ambitious but that is my goal and I will be in that site soon.   Thank you Lord for the courage you have given on me.


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2 Responses to “Am I too Ambtious?”

  1. anne says:

    Just take it easy girl kay usahay ra ba when you push it so hard mas lalong lumalayo so relax, madawat ra lagi ka.