Five Bottles a Day


This is my lovely little nephew at one month old.  So tired after feeding.  He can drink up to 6 ounce a day.

And this is his latest photo.  He is three months old now and can finished up to 5 bottles of milk.

One bottle with four ounce milk inside.  Time flies really fast nowadays.  The weak little baby two months ago is now growing faster and stronger.  The next day I know he will be ready for school.sigh!  I am his babysitter for the meantime while waiting for the hired nanny to come.  My sister is still searching though, and I wish they will get nanny by June.  Makes me tired because he is a bit heavy that makes me tired, but tiredness is nothing compared to the enjoyment I had with this little angel.  I enjoyed every second, minute, hour and day with him.  I feel like a mother  I was looking at his pictures and see his development.  I just thought it would be nice to put in here the feeling  I have inside seeing him growing each day and experiencing his changes.

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One Response to “Five Bottles a Day”

  1. Mona says:

    ang cute naman ng little boy na yan .. stay healthy!