Their School Presentation

Last Friday was the recognition day of my nieces at school.  They also have their presentation.  I am so glad we have digital camera that we can used to capture those moments.  It will be added to their memorable experiences at school.  I am so proud of my nieces because they able to outgrow the shyness.   They are not shy anymore and they did well good at school.  Below are some pictures that I have captured during their presentation.



These two lovely nieces of mine always reminds me of my life back then.  I do like to dance and I also like to Actually I can see myself in them.  Two thumbs up from me even if they make me mad all the time because they fight a lot.argh!

Long way to go, my prayers, support and love will always be there.  Love you both.muah!

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19 Responses to “Their School Presentation”

  1. Mona says:

    wow, galing naman … congrats mga chikiting ..
    buti kapa madam genny ako wla talent huhuhu!

  2. gagay says:

    ate genny! naa ko tag nimu..unta maduaw nimu.. 😀

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  4. anne says:

    Ang cute ng mga kids..Way to go Rona and ELai. Visitign you from SAHM’s Online Diary

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