Step No, Step Yes

My two lovely nieces are fond of playing step no step yes inside the house.  I do not allow the to go out because I do not want them to be bullied by other kids outside.  And also my other niece was bite by the dog once while she is playing outside.  That is why I don’t allow them to go out to play.  I am glad that they do like to play inside the house. A bit messy but it is okay what is important is that they are safe.  They sometimes fight with each other while playing and that is normal.  What I do is to watch them from time to time.
I have been watching them playing step no, step yes for days until I have noticed that our floor is need to be repaired.  We are too busy these days that we failed to see that our floor is not in good condition anymore.  It bothers me a lot that is why I told my father about Laminate Floor.   To be comfortable while walking inside the house is very important to me.  I am so glad that my father did agreed to my suggestion.  I am now looking forward to our new floor.  And to see my nieces play their favorite games inside the house. 

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