The Peace Sign

I have seen lots of people in the photo having this sign and some who posed to take a picture.  I myself do a posed with a peace sign of my hand.  It is a wonderful feeling if we do have peace here on earth.  But seems that we have lost it nowadays.  Peace is hard to achieve right now because of greedy people, insensitive people and people who are hunger of power.  It is so sad to know that the peace that God has given to us have lost and people do not know the meaning of it.
What is happening now in Libya is very allarming.  Lots of civilian have been killed for the reason of greediness and hungry of power.  Lost the value of life just to prevent people to put him down.  I just hope and pray that the he will soon realize that there is only one way to stop this civil war, just to get down from the position.  I know that what I wish is like knocking on heaven’s door but nothing is impossible with God .  I pray that they will feel the touch by God in their hearts, go down voluntarily and give up the position he is holding for 40 years already.
As long as there is God in  the middle, everything is possible.  It’s never too late for us, let us spread this peace sign and make an action for us to regain the peace that we are longing for.  Peace Everyone! 

One Response to “The Peace Sign”

  1. Omel says:

    peace be with you.

    from a bloghopper =)