Zipper is Broken

The other day I bought a shorts from “ukay-ukay”.  The place that I want to go when buying shorts and top.  I am the “ukay-ukay” queen as my sister used to call me.  I just can’t help it when I see goodwill store. I like the styles, cheap and the kind of fabric is good.  The shorts that I bought is the kind that I am looking for.  I did not make any second thought I bought it right away.  When I got home I wash it so that I can wear it the following day.  
While washing I noticed that the zipper is broken.arrrgh!  I do not want to return it back because I really like the shorts.  Since the prize is really cheap, I decided to keep it and buy zipper and replace the broken one.  I sewed it early this evening and I am excited to wear it 

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