It is part of our life to make decisions.  A wise decision because tthat decision will lead us to where we want to be and what would our life become.  A friend of mine is torn right now of what is happening in her life.  She wants this, wants that, do this and do that.  Things that made her mind in a very confusing situation in her search for true happiness.  She is far from her family and that makes her world tumbling,
As she is working far from her hometown, and she is looking for someone whom she can find comfort.  Fortunate enough she find that comfort in a man.  A man that she love and love her back.  As they realtionship grows stronger, they are thinking of setting down.  A dream where all girls are wantd.  To walk down the aisle with the man they choose to share life with.  She is about to reach that dreams and happiness in life when the past is knocking on the window of her heart.
Should she let this past come again? or move to the present which gives her the love and comfort when the past is not around?  She is torn right now and I am praying she will make a good decision in life for it is the happiness and fulfillment in lfe is at stake

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