Over Fatigue

I am having my blog walking just now when my brother came in and told me that our friend died yesterday.  I am so shocked till now but still writing this.  I cannot believe it because we have just seen each other last month exchanging our happy new year greetings.  We even wish good health and happy life this new year.  It is so sudden that I find it hard to believe.

He is an athletic person, loves to play basketball game.  It is a good thing I supposed because his body is firm because he was an athletic one.  It has been said that playing is good because it is like having an exercise that is good for blood circulation.  Because of his addiction to play basketball, he is abusing his body that puts him to death.  Too much of something is never good.  His cause of death was over fatigue.  He failed to realized that his body needed some rest.  His mind is willing but his body does not.  His body surrendered and now he is on the other dimension in life.

What happened to him is a good lesson that people should learn even us who are his friends that it is never good to abuse our body.  We only have one body and one life that we should take good care of.  We should take care of our body always.  To do things that are too much to our body is a NO NO. Take good care of our body everyone and God bless us all!

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  1. anne says:

    Kinsa ato namatay girl?