Throwing Tantrums….

I have been taking care of my nephew since the day he was born.  He is one year and seven months old now.  He is one of my favorite because he is a well behaved boy.  But today he is showing tantrums.  He keeps  on crying for no reason.  I carry him and even sang the song I used to sing back when he was still a baby.  He is a bit heavy that is why I have to put him on the bed for him to take a nap.  He cries as loud as he could.  Maybe he wants to play outside and so I bring him outside and let him play while I am preparing our lunch.
Lunch time I take him in the dining area to eat his lunch.  I was feeding him when he spitting out the foods in his mouth.  I forgive him for the first time because maybe he was angry for I interrupt his playing outside.  But he did it second, third and fourth time.  I lost my patience and I was not able to control myself I slapped his mouth twice.  The first time I did it.  He was being bad and for him to know he is being bad  I have to do it.  After slapping his mouth he cried so loud looking at me.  I carried him and on my way to the door when he throw up on me.   Grrrrrrrr…..the thing that I do not want to see and smell is on my dress.  Gosh! my nephew is having tantrums. 
Seeing him crying and do not want to stop, I carried him and say sorry for what I did.  I can see it in his eyes that he is hurt of what I did.  I never done it before, it is the first time.  I guess he was shocked about it and can’t believe I did it to him.  My sorry is not enough I guess because he still keep on crying.  I have realized maybe he thinks I do not love him anymore because there is a new baby in the family.  I carried him and said stop crying because Tita loves you.  Thanks God he stops crying and now on his dreamland. whew!

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  1. anne says:

    Wawa naman ni Ronj. Visiting here through Bloggers exchange