Got Promoted

After six years of teaching, finally my sister got promoted.  From teacher one to teacher two.  She has been praying for this for a year now after applying for a promotion.  It is an answered prayer for her. God is reall good all the time.  Such a wonderful news she got early in this morning.  I am so happy for her because her effort have been rewarded. 
Blessings are coming in her way.  She got married to a wonderful man early last year, gave birth December of last year and now got promoted from her job.  Indeed a person with good and kind heart are blessed.  Congratulations to you ‘manang’  I am praying for your success and happiness in life.

2 Responses to “Got Promoted”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    congrats to your sister 🙂 More blessings to come in your family 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    Many congrats to your sister on her promotion! That's wonderful news!!!