Garage Sale…

My sister used to call me the ‘Ukay-Ukay Queen’  because I like to buy things from the garage sale.  I like it because aside from the prices are cheap, some things are really useful and of good quality.  Usually bought clothes from the garage sale.  Funny but sometimes I consider myself a cheap one because I am into cheap things when I will buy.  I am not into branded products because for me it is not sensible to buy because it is expensive and at the same time I am buying also the name, which has nothing to do with

Today one of our neighbor is selling some of her clothes.  And as queen of “ukay-ukay”, I am 100% present.  I will not let this opportunity to drop by and see if I can get something that I like.  Someone’s garbage is a treasure to others, that is the good thing to grab in a garage sale.  That is why I like to go to garage sale to find a new treasure.  I am glad that I get a nice capri for 20 pesos and a shorts for 10 pesos only.  Two clothes for less than $1 is like winning in a lottery for me.  My plans to buy a capri in the mall that is a little expensive is now canceled because I bought one already for a very cheap price.  Indeed it is a treasure to have, it is of good quality and slightly used.  Double the happiness because I can save now the money that was left for future needs.  To save is my priority from now on and I hope I can save more money in the future.  I am looking for another garage sale here in our

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  1. Mona says:

    my sister used to buy in ukay ukay i love too but no time to go outside, I wish there is also one selling in the village 🙂
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