Water Interruption

My schedule for doing my laundry is every Friday.  And today is Friday, I am all set up for my laundry session when I open the faucet there is no water.  I hate it when there is water interruption because it will ruined my schedule for the day.  They usually make an announcement or notice to inform everybody that there is water interruption.  Because of water interruption, my laundry day will turn into resting day which is supposed to be tomorrow.  My Saturday rest day will be my laundry day and that would be tomorrow.  I just hope no more water interruption tomorrow because I really have to do my laundry for it is overflowing already.  Loads of laundry tomorrow that needs me to start early to finish early.  Wish me luck people that I will be able to do my laundry tomorrow without any interruptions. 

One Response to “Water Interruption”

  1. Mayet says:

    just enjoy your rest day today:)

    have a great wkend!!!