Every relationship, there should be trust and faith to each other.  Hard to do to those who are  not really committed but easy to those who are committed and sincere to what they say and do.  We all wanted a long lasting relationship, and even better if it is forever.  But, what happens when either of the partner have doubts?
A friend of mine is into this situation right now.  Her man have doubts in her.  No matter how much she  tried to explain her side his mind is close with doubts in her.  So sad that the man she trusted the most have doubts in her.  She even think of ending the relationship they have because no trust in there.  Fighting over her mind and heart is never easy for her.  I feel for her because I am a girl and been heard many stories same as hers.  Doubts are killing the love she has for him and feelings are slowly fading.   I just wish her good luck and have peace of mind to think what is really best for her and her man.

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