Not Feeling Well…

Today I can say that I have rest and took some time to sleep.  It is good to do this when the weather is gloomy because it is so relaxing for me.  I seldom do this because of the kids of my brother.   Have to look after them because they do not have nanny to do that for them.  
My day was good until the sunset saying hello.  It was six in the evening here when I feel I am not feeling well.  It is so sudden and I do not know the reason why.  I have rested well today but end up not feeling well.  Maybe because of the weather that keep on changing in a day.  So hot in the morning and then raining in the afternoon.  I will go off to bed now and hope that I will feel better as I wake up in the morning.  Good night everyone and have a sweet dreams…zzzzzz

2 Responses to “Not Feeling Well…”

  1. mona says:

    hi genny, i guess your right its bcoz of the weather changes, well i hope you'll be fine in the morning 🙂

    Need to sleep also its almost 1am, addicted n talaga sa blogging!

  2. Pain SUX says:

    Get some good rest and hope you feel well!!!

    I really like your blog, so glad I found it 🙂