Sharing Secret and Private Life

To find a true friend nowadays whom we can trust more than other is difficult.  Some friends are fair weather friends and sometimes stabbing our back.  To find someone whom we can trust to tell our secrets and private life is a wonderful thing because we are able to share what is in our minds, hearts and things that bothers us.  
A shoulder to cry and lean on when we are down.  A person whom we are comfortable to share our life to them and understands them more.  Funny thing is some people find these comfort and trust online.  Hard to believe but others do find friendship in this internet world.  Constant chatting makes the friendship grows and even came to a point where they are sharing some secrets and private life.  I do hope that we can still find friends that we can trust for real not just online. 

One Response to “Sharing Secret and Private Life”

  1. Mayet says:

    I'm with you! it's better to have a friend in the real world. ay, I miss my friends in Pinas:(