Dancing in two music…

I never thought I get into the situation wherein I will wish I have the power to make my body into two.  I have seen a TV series before about three witches and one of those witches has the power to make herself more than one.  She can be in two places in the same time.  Too good to be true but today I wish I have those power. 

Last December 25 my sister gave birth and asked me to help for her for the mean time because she cannot move normally because of her operation.   How can I say no to a sister who is very kind to me.  Though it will make my life complicated because I am also taking care of my brother’s three kids.  I just said to myself I can do it since my father will be there to watch for the kids as I am helping my sister.  At first it was fine until today.   I can say that it is not easy dancing in two music at the same time.  I am at my sister’s house but when my one year old nephew needs me, my father calls me to get him.  Darn, it is so difficult to be in this situation.  Every time I carried the baby my one year old nephew cries and grabbed my hands.  I can see he is envious eventhough I told him I love them both still he cries.  It is hard to explain to kid the situation.  As far as I wanted to help, my body sometimes refused it.  It makes me so tired and I felt exhausted.  I am looking at the horizon and asking myself, do I still have the life? Some friends laughed at my situation, and yes it hurts my feeling but I have accepted it that I am a little stupid to take this all.  I am not superwoman but maybe in my dreams I want to be one for my family.

Today I am so tired that I want to give up, but my love for them made me do this.  Why I am soft heart?  Question in my mind every time I am in this mood.  I just pray to God to give me strength and good health to help them still. 

2 Responses to “Dancing in two music…”

  1. Mona says:

    kaya mo yan sis ,, anyway your doing this because of love =) don't worry sa mga mababait na kagaya mo my blessings si Lord =) Happy new year!

  2. anne says:

    isa lang answer, because you let them be? that is understandable that Analyn asked you some help and you would of course do it, she is such a very kind sister, she buys you something that somehow it could compensate you, pero sa imong manong girl no comment ako jan 3 is enough girl sobra sobra na, then wala man lang ning sunod sa gikasabutan, imong papa pastilan manawag daun unsaon na lang kung ikaw na lang dinha wala analyn kay nag work haist haist haist mao nay giingon nako sa luwag