Back to Clear Vission

I have been mentioned in my previous post that I am infected by sore eyes virus.  First time in my life I have experience it.  It is so hard because I cannot see clearly and my eyes are so painful.  I have been sufferings from all the pain sore eyes bring to me.  Nothing I can do but to accept it and medicate it to get rid of it.  It took me four days before it completely heals.  Can you imagine four days of teary, blurry and painful eyes.  I patiently continue putting drops on my eyes because it turns reddish. 

After four days, I am glad that my eyes vision has back to normal.  Although the color is still reddish at least I am done with blurry and teary eyes.  Continues washing of eyes and putting drops will make my color back to normal.  I swear I will never get infected by this again.  I will take extra careful next time this virus is in our place. Now that my eyes are back to clear vision, I can now does my online stuffs and be fruitful. 

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