Traffic Ligths of Love

Love is the most wonderful feeling we ever felt in our life.  It is a kind of feeling that we want to fly above and tell the world that we are in love.  But when this love ends and not work out, it is so painful that will takes time to recover.  But if we are going to apply this traffic lights of love, we will be able to stop, let go and move on.

Red light means to STOP.  If the relationship is not that healthy, stop and stay away.  We have to spare our life from the pain.  Sometimes we thought that the one we love is not giving us importance, and not appreciating our presence.  It is so difficult to accept but we have to stop that miserable life.  Begging for love it not good because love is truly and heartily given.
Green light means to LET GO.  After all the pain, it is right for us to let go.  Life is beautiful for us to enjoy and explore.  It is too hard from the start but if we are able to accept it we can let it go easily.  Everything happens for a reason.  We have to think that goodbye is not the end of everything because in fact it is the beginning of a new life and new chance the appreciate more the beauty of life.  Good thing is that we felt love and be loved just that it is not for us to have. Forget all the painful part and start a new beginning.
Orange light means TO MOVE ON.  When a door is closed it opens a window.   Do not close the door of your heart because someone will come to fill the emptiness inside.  The love that was lost will be replaced by someone better and cherish that forever.  We should have the courage to start over again, different approach and with guidance from the painful passed.  I know there is someone there for us who is sent from God.  We just have to be patient.  Those painful parts of our lives are a lesson learned and it makes us a stronger person.  Spread our wings and welcoming the new beginning and the new found love that is willing to stay forever in the empty spot of our heart.
This is what I have in mind from the passed experienced I have in my life.  No regrets because it made me stronger and who I am now today.  Stay in love and be loved.

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