Hand is Healed Finally

Last two weeks ago while cooking foods for the family, the laddle accidentally fell and hit my hand.  And because it is too hot it burns my skin.  It is so painful that I wanted to cry,  I must say that it burned so bad.  Expect the worse on my skin and makes me hard to sleep at night.  It is swelling that I cannot move my hand and fever.  I am so careless that is why it happens.  If only I could turns back the time.

After two weeks of treatment, my hand is okay now but leave a very ugly big scars on my hand.  This scars will remind of how careless I am.  I am happy that it is finally healed because I have loads of laundry to do.  I do hndwash and I was not able to do it because of my condition.  Thanks to my family who buy medicines for my burn.  Now that is it healed, I can do my household chores now.  It is not easy moving with only one hand.  I have realized that I should take good care of my body parts because when one parts is not functioning, it feels so empty and not normal to move.  I am so happy that I am okay now and thanks to my family.

3 Responses to “Hand is Healed Finally”

  1. Shinade says:

    Ouch I know exactly how that feels. One holiday I was cooking fudge and it was bubbling hot and already very very thick and gooey.

    My hand slipped as I was stirring and went in all the way down almost to my elbow.

    Oh my it burnt me good especially because it stuck to me. I haven't made fudge since!

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. moongoddesslei says:

    ohhmy!that's one lesson learned. Unlike me, I hurt myself intentionally 🙁

  3. shabnamahsan says:

    I know how much it hurts cause I also had this "kitchen burn"…..May God heal your wound soon