Oatmeal for meals…

Another one tiring day for me, I accompany my sister for her OB’s monthly check up.  She will be doing her check up twice a month starting today since she is a month away.  Waiting for two hours till her OB came to her clinic.  An expectant mother is very excited to know what is the activity of her little angel inside her womb.  She was shocked when she weighs more than what we expected.  In other words she is overweight because of too much eating the past week.

In this reason she is advice by her OB to just take oatmeal breakfast and dinner.  Too hard to do because she is always hungry, but she has to for her own good.  If she wants to have a normal delivery she should follow her OB.  Am sad for her because she is buying many foods for her to take if she gets hungry in the middle of the night.  My sister is too small to have a big baby, it will be difficult for her.  Sad but she has to follow for her own good.  This is bad news for her, there is also good news because her baby is healthy and in good condition. 

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  1. mona says:

    All the best for your sister, excited to see the baby as well =)