Forgot my Umbrella…

Every time I go out of the house, I always bring my umbrella with me.  My day wont be complete if I did not bring my umbrella.  I always put it inside my bag.  Yesterday I went to a friend’s house because I have to borrow something from her.  It was cloudy week here in our place.  I was thinking that my umbrella is inside my bag.  
When the rain pours in the afternoon, I opened my bag to get my umbrella only to find out it was not there.  I forgot that my brother borrowed it from me the other day.  Gosh, am too old to remember those things.  To make the long story short , I got wet.  How cold my brother forgot to put my umbrella where he get it.  I swear I will not let him borrowed my umbrella again.  This is a good lesson for me to not let others borrow your things.

One Response to “Forgot my Umbrella…”

  1. Vivek Barun says:

    Hey thats nice, I also keep the umbrella inside my bag so that I don't forget it.