My nieces going wild…

I was resting this afternoon because my brother got hom early.  I asked him to look after my nephew because I wanted to take afternoon nap before doing my online stuff.   I am about to take a nap when my sister called me and asked me to company her buying things for her upcoming baby.  Since I always told her that I want to accompany her when she will buy things for the baby.  My afternoon nap is cancelled.

I am hurriedly fixing myself and get ready before my two nieces will get home from playing at the nieghbors house.  I was about to go when the two little grimlins (my nieces) arrives and asked me where would I go.  I lied told them that I will go pay something and will be back soon.  They want to come with me but I said no because I will be just quick.  I promise to bring them something when I get home.  I was on my first step out of the house when they go wild.  Crying, throwing slippers and growling.  Too funny to see looking at them.  I continue my walk and never look back because my brother took good care of them.  I just heard screaming and slamming of the door.  They used to go with me everywhere I go, but this time it is not possible because we are buying several things and bringing them will make me so tired.  Thank God when I get back home tey are not mad and still smile at me.

4 Responses to “My nieces going wild…”

  1. mona says:

    i'm sure you and your sister bought many stuff with your upcoming niece, anyway, your 2 nieces was funny hehe, they even slammed the door, how old are they? anyway, i see your a good tita =)

  2. Christy says:

    Aww it is sweet that your nieces wanted to join you. I am sure they will be fine when you get home. Kids are resilient.

  3. annpod says:

    Don't worry, kids will soon forget that you left them. They'll be happier if you bring something home for them 🙂

  4. anne says:

    Spaghetti Tita pagdala baya hehehe