The Roof was Collapse…

Here in the Philippines we are about to experience another typhoon that is why our weather is rainy.  Early this morning my older brother doing their laundry and hung it on the string connected to the roof of our laundry area.  I was doing my online stuff the whole day because it is a quiet day for me today.  Weather is not humid because of the upcoming typhoon, we have a cloudy day.

Around four o’clock in the afternoon when the rain starts to pour down on our roof.  I hurriedly go outside and get those laundries because it is almost dry.  Due to too much pressure because rain is pouring heavily, I grabbed the blanket which causes the roof to fell down.  My father who is sleeping at that time was shocked what is the noise outside.  When he opened the window he saw me laughing looking at the roof that is fell.  I stop laughing because my father gets angry of what is happening.  He told me before to not put too much pressure because it is not well made.  Well the damage is already done, I cannot go back so that I can change the pressure.  Anyway, I have talked to my brother this evening and I hope he will fixed it this Sunday.  Now I know it is an advantage to have a big brother in the house.

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