A wonderful gift for her husband..

My sister told me before she will going to buy another mobile phone for her husband.  It is an offer that is why she is grabbing it since her husband’s phone is not working correctly. It is a surprise birthday gift from her.  She always give gift to him even before they are still boyfriend and girlfriend.  My sister is a little generous to the one she love.  I used to have gifts from her before.  It stops when she got married because she has a new responsibility as a wife and as a married woman.  She has her priorities now although I missed it a lot receiving gifts from her.
This afternoon after she got home from work, she comes to see me and show to me the very nice gift for her husband.  The phone is very nice and I admit I like it very much.  I am practicing using it and even took a picture for myself.lol  It is the latest phone from Samsung and I am sure he would like it and would be very happy to have it.  I can say that my sister love him so much and he love my sister as well.  Indeed they are a very happy couple and soon to be a happy parents to their first baby.

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