Thanks to You…

She is the reason I am into blogging stuff.  She has been telling me before to try doing this because it helps her a lot in financial aspects in life.  At first I am hesitant because I am not very good in english and in grammar.  Influenced by her, so here I am trying to build my career through blogging.  So far so good, I am still trying to learn things here because it is not easy to make my site very nice to look at.  I can say that she is my mentor because she is always there when I needed her.  I do have some complains and she always told me, patience, patience and patience.
Last night she did a very nice things for me.  She is fixing my site to make it look appealing and nice to look at.  Because my site is really a messed when you really look at it.  Not organize and there are many things that needed to be deleted.  After I opened my computer this morning, I read an offline message from her telling me to look at my blog site.  I hurriedly opened it and I saw my very nice site.  She did fixed it for me and make my site a pleasant to look at.  Thanks to Mary Anne of my little home for being so nice and a good friend to me.  I owe you a lot for this.  You have been helping me since the day I started my blogging career.  I am trying to be a writer here because of you. I may not be able to pay for you but God will do that for me because of your kindness.  God bless you and your family.  Thanks to you and God bless!

4 Responses to “Thanks to You…”

  1. Dhemz says:

    I agree! patience is one of the secrets!

  2. anne says:

    hehehe kahilak man sad ta lol

  3. Kayce says:

    its good to know you have a dear friend who's always there for you.

  4. Mel Cole says:

    Aww, Hi Genny, I just added your blog in my Seasons and seasonings. That's so nice of Anne who is your friend and encouraging you to do blogging.