One year in blogging….

The house today is not so crowded like before.  It is only me, my two nieces and my nephew left at home.  Others are working, younger brother is having a date with her girlfriend and my father has his own agenda for today.  Even though it is four of us in the house, it is so noisy because I am with the little grimlins who always fighting, running around the house and playing.  My two nieces are not that close, well kids are like that because they have this jealous feelings on their toys.  Less the mess for me because y little nephew is not feeling well.  Most of the day he is sleeping and laying down.
Noon time when the house is peace and quiet.  Kids are sleeping and only me is awake.  I was looking at my computer doing my online stuff when suddenly came into my mind that it has been a year since I have started blogging.  I never notice that I have posted many articles in my blog site and have earnings too.  I am so thankful to God for these blessings.  I will be counting more years doing this blogging things.  Have meet friends who are blogger like me and looking forward to meet more of them. Cheers to more years for us bloggers!

2 Responses to “One year in blogging….”

  1. lee says:

    hey, thanks for dropping. you've got a good blog, i like it. happy 1st b-day of your blog!!! goodluck.

  2. Kim, USA says:

    Hello Genny, happy 1st bloganniversary!! More years to come. By the way, I've been here several times and it's too hard to open your site. Thankfully I have luck this time I was able to post a comment here. Happy weekend!