Another Stage of her Life..

I meet her when we were still in college. We’d been friends for years now and going through ups and down in our friendship.  Looking back for what we have been through when our friendship has just started, I am amazed to know that we have come this far.  We have our own career in life and still we are friends.

June of this year when she got married to the man of her dreams.  The stage of being single was ended when she got married and moved up to another stage which is being a wife.  I am happy to see her with the man of her life and wishing her all the happiness.  We haven’t talk for a month and I was surprised last night to see her online.  I asked her if she is pregnant because that is what she wants after being a wife.  Her prayer was answered by God because she is an expectant mother.  I am so happy for her but I am sure is the happiest woman on earth  today because of this little blessing from God.  It is another stage of her life that will come few months from now.  Truly patience is a virtue, that is what I keep on telling her since she told me she wants to get pregnant.

Now that you are an expectant mother, I wish you good health and the baby.  I am looking forward to see your little angel.  This little angel will complete you as a woman and will bring smiles in your  family.  Congratulations and wish you and your own family the best! Love you Nancy, this is for you!

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