Me as a singer…(lol)

I an not a singer but I do love to sing during my liesure time and lonely time.  Singing makes me release the stress I have.  I am indeed a bathroom singer because I always sing inside the bathroom where no can see me and hear me clearly.  I can do what I want and what I like inside the bathroom.  And I can shout as loud as I can. 

This evening, my older brother is playing a guitar.  He is practicing the song ‘And I love You So’ and it happens to be one of my favorites.  I was having my online stuff when he calls me to sing the song because he can’t play it right.  For a short period of time I am the singer and he is the guitarman.  Funny to see because feels like I am a professional singer.  Thanks to my brother who always believes in me and the talent I have which is a bathroom singer.  My family are my number one fan because they do understand my frustration to sing.  Thanks to them.!.

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