Uploading her wedding pictures

Atter months of convincing my sister to upload her pictures, she finally say yes last night.  But with condition that I upload only pictures that she allowed.  In other words only pictures selected by her.  Better than nothing so I said yes and starts uploading her wedding pictures.  She do not want the idea that others will be able to see her pictures and make it as a public one.  She has the right though and it is her right because it is her pictures.

While I am uploading her pictures I remembers the day when we are still preparing things for her wedding and the wedding day itself.  It was the biggest day of her life that some of her friends from all walks of life are witnessing the big event in her life. Memorable and meaningful one for her.  Just a short story behind the picture I have posted above.  Cheers!

One Response to “Uploading her wedding pictures”

  1. anne says:

    ka nice sa gown oi kay kinsa na? hehehe