Advice to control eating habit..

My sister is on her six months of pregnancy.  She went to her monthly check up last Monday.  Happy to know that her baby is healthy and in good position inside her womb.  She is very happy knowing that the little angel in about to come in three months time.  I always go with her because her husband is busy at work.  I am also excited for the little updates on her and the baby inside her womb.

She is happy as usual after her check up but this months check up is bothering her.  She was advice to control eating because her baby is a little big inside her womb.  She is petite that is why her doctor is telling her to have a diet for her to give birth easily.  The doctor said that it would be difficult for her if she continue eating a lot.  Right now she is taking little foods for her own good.  I am praying for her normal delivery and safety.  Hopefully she will give birth a healthy baby, a new member in the family.

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