Two Little Girls Scout…

They have been waiting two months to wear their girls scout uniforms.  Always check it inside the closet and look at it.  That is what my nieces do while waiting for the day when they are going to wear it.  Kids are like that, always excited to wear something that is new.  And as my two nieces are very excited to wear their girls scout uniforms, their waiting has been over for today they are going to wear it.  I have seen smiles on their faces while their mother get their uniforms from the closet.  Funny to look at because they do not know what to do, whether they will sit down or remain

They do not have the same style of uniforms so they keep on comparing with each other.  They are arguing which is better and nice uniform among the two of them.  Looking at them makes me smile because their actuation is so funny to look at.  Feels like they are wearing the most beautiful gown in the world.  Its like they are princess and are going to attend a ball or a mascaraed party. I remember when I first wear my girls scout uniform sewed by my mother before.  I am so excited and do not know what to do.  That is what I feel when I wear something that is made by my mother.  If she was still alive for sure she would love to sew dresses for her grandchildren.  How I wish she was still alive to enjoy her grandchildren and seeing them growing up.

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